Whole Beef

Whole Beef

One whole share of Grass Fed, Sprout Finished, All Natural McCafferty Ranch Beef.

Approximately 400 total pounds of meat

Includes roughly:

180* pounds of ground beef

220* pounds of steaks and roasts


Approximate number of steaks and roasts**

New York Steaks 20

Sirloin Steaks 16

Sirloin Tip Roast 4-5

Rib Steaks 20

Chuck Roast 6-8

Tenderloin Steaks 16

Eye of Round 4

Bottom Round (Cubed)

Flat Irons 4-6

Flank Steak 2

Skirt Steak 4

Bavette 4

Tri-tip 2

Brisket 2

Short Ribs 

Hangar Steak 2


Heart, Tongue, Soup Bones, and Marrow Bones available upon request.


Please contact us with any questions on quantities and weights.

*Poundages are estimations. All beef weigh differently. This estimate is on the low end of our averages.

**All numbers are approximations.