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Quarter Pig Down Payment

Quarter Pig Down Payment

100% Grass-Fed, Sprout-Finished, Pasture Raised, Montana Pork.


$250-270 total = $250 down payment + $20 additional fees for cured products (bacon and hams).


Shipping Fees will be calculated at checkout. Local Pickup is free.

Includes roughly:

6* pounds of ground pork breakfast sausage

15-20* pounds of Pork Chops, Roasts, Ribs, Belly, Bacon, Ham, etc...

Approximately 25* total pounds


Approximate poundage for each cut**


Ground Sausage- 10 lbs

Pork Roast- 4-5 lbs 

Pork Chops- 4 lbs

Ribs (spare ribs, country style)- 2-3 lbs

Pork Belly or Bacon- 5 lbs


Please contact us with any questions on quantities and weights.

*Poundage listed are estimations. All pigs weigh differently. This estimate is on the low end of our averages.

**All numbers are approximations.

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