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I've Got a Mansion Just Over the Hill

June 12, 2017

Just this past weekend we were chasing a group of cattle to summer pasture. My Grandpa Bob was following with the horses and wagon.  It was one of those days that leaves you feeling extremely grateful for where you live, what you do, and who you share life with.  


In ranching, it's pretty easy to tell if things are going well, or not.  You will here ranchers say they have been so blessed, or lucky- during years where there has been a lot of moisture, low death rates during calving, bumper hay crops, and high calf prices.  During hard years-  it's not so often you will come across these terms.  Little to no moisture, sickness running through calves, low calf prices, and high gas prices- can threaten even the most established rancher's future. 


As I was riding- I realized I definitely fall within this category, and I believe I can speak for a lot of my family as well.  Good years= blessed.  Bad years= not so blessed.  But are we truly without blessing during the bad times? 


That's when one of my Grandpa's favorite songs popped into my head.


I've Got a Mansion Just Over the Hill.


I am sure that he whistled the song to himself at some point on the cattle drive.  I hear him hum it often.  In fact, he used to play it on his saxophone for us. (A fun side note- he played in a local band at all the dances that took place in the area.  One of those places is the community center shown below.)


I've got a mansion just over the hilltop
In that bright land where we'll never grow old
And some day yonder we will never more wander
But walk on streets that are purest gold


I turned back to take a look at my Grandpa.  There he was, quite literally cresting a hilltop with his wagon, and I was so thankful for the lessons he has taught and help ingrain within us.  No matter what happens in this life- even if it is all stripped away- we have the greatest blessing of all.


The mansion over the hilltop.


Don't think me poor or deserted or lonely
I'm not discouraged I'm heaven bound
I'm but a pilgrim in search of the city
I want a mansion, a harp and a crown

I've got a mansion just over the hilltop


Something about the beautiful landscape, a lot of cows, and a few horses makes you think about the most important things in life. 





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