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Daddy's Girls

March 2, 2017

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 I think it's a common conception that if a man is an owner of a ranch, farm, or really any business- especially a family business- he hopes to one day pass it down to a son. I, however, believe this to be a common- misconception. And, fortunately, my dad does too. My parents had two girls. Ironically, my uncle who also ranches- has three girls.

 My dad never treated us any different than a boy when it came to working on the ranch.  From a young age we were taught everything- riding horses, chasing cows, driving equipment, doctoring calves, working cattle, and the list goes on and on.  We loved it! I remember begging and begging to go on my first real cattle drive on a horse- I was probably 3 or 4! Finally, at the old age of 5 years old my dad let me come for the first time on my trusty old horse named Hauncey. I loved it, and he hasn't been able to ditch me or my sister yet!

 When I say cattle drive, I don't mean a short little ride that takes a couple of hours.  I mean an all day ordeal.  The cattle drive in these pictures is about 13 miles.  When moving baby calves with their mothers, this results in an 8+ hour ride.  

My dad always told us we had to be tough and no whining! For fear of not being allowed to come, we never complained- that is until we became teenagers!

 We could hold our own from an early age, and became pretty invaluable help for my dad on the ranch.



 In the above picture- from left to right- is my dad, sister, myself, and grandpa.  Three generations of McCafferty's near the end of the day. I treasure these pictures, and the memories that come with them. Us girls won't claim that we can do everything a man can do out here, but we can do a lot of stuff better! And, I know our father wouldn't trade his Daddy's girls for anyone or anything!



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