Grass-Fed Year Round

What sets us apart from any other Grass-fed beef producer?

       Our cattle are fed a high protein/nutrient grass year round.  This grass is sprouted Barley and peas that are grown in our own hydroponic plant right on the ranch.  the animals are finished for 100-120 days on 40-70 lbs of fresh grass fodder each day.  

How does the grass fodder result in healthier/better tasting beef?


     Normally, grass-fed and finished beef is not very consistent in taste and tenderness, especially in the Northern U.S. because of winter.  during the winter months, grassfed animals are fed Hay (dried grass and alfalfa). Hay is not as nutritious for cattle as fresh grass, and they maintain their weight instead of gain.

     In contrast, our animals are fed fresh grass fodder, no matter the weather.  This allows them to have increased nutrient intake and weight gain.  in fact, they gain at almost the same rate as grain-finished cattle.  The difference is that our animals weight gain is in muscle and healthy fats.  This results in the best tasting and healthiest grass fed beef you will ever have!

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