McCafferty Ranch Beef

409  Beckstrom Road

Belt, Montana



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Our all natural beef is raised and grass-fed on our mountainous Montana pasture during the summer months.  In the winter they are fed alfalfa-grass hay that was harvested by the family off of their own land. The cattle are supplemented with our grass fodder from our hydroponic plant year round- which differentiates our beef from any other grass-fed and finished producer.


Our beef is antibiotic and hormone free. 

We believe in gentle cattle handling. What does this mean? The majority of our cattle handling is done on horseback vs. motorized ATVs.  This is a disappearing practice in modern day ranching.  The benefit is a much easier and less stressful environment for the cattle.

Why buy from us

When buying straight from our ranch you will purchase high quality, safe, and healthy all-natural beef.  our animals are raised as they were years ago, because we believe that our customers deserve a product that does not contain preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics.  In addition, our cattle are never confined and always out in large pastures.  as a customer you can know where your beef is coming from, and how it is raised. 

Health Benefits

Advantages of grass-fed beef.

  • Less total fat.

  • More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

  • More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that's thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks.

  • More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E.

  • An excellent source of vitamins and minerals Including:​

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Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility.  The beef will be aged  for maximum flavor and tenderness. all meat will be vacuum sealed for freshness with no additives or preservatives.